Some recordings missing from CDR

I’m running Freepbx distro 5.211.65-12

Some of the calls are missing the recording link. They seems to be getting recorded, as I can find them manually in the monitor folder, but they seem to be randomly missing from the cdr.

Anyone have any pointers as to what might be happening?

Can you find then manually in the asteriskcdr database?

I am also having this issue. For me only internal calls have link to recording file in the CDR although outgoing calls are still recorded (in the folder).

The link was working a few module-updates ago … I thought it coincided with a change on the extensions module where recordings selections are now “Force|Yes|Don’t Care|No|Never” and used to be “Always|Don’t Care|Never”

I might need a bit of help navigating the asteriskcdr database as per the above suggestion

Seems like an old post has solution involving re-write of call.monitor module
FreePBX distro version 6.12.65-22
asterisk 13.0.1

If you want reliable CDRs don’t use asterisk 12 or 13.

The call monitor module is something for The freepbx recordings interface only of which you should not be using.

Thanks for the reply. What version of Asterisk would you recommend?

Asterisk 11 is what I recommend.

I will roll back to Asterisk 11 when system is free at 5pm and let you know if that resolves the CDR recording link issue. Thanks again

OK. Sorry about the delay but they just wouldn’t stop working!

I rolled back to Asterisk 11 but no change.

What I discovered though is that if I change the extension to “Pinless Dialing = Enable” then I get the recording link again. It also changes the caller ID (see attached screen shot). Unfortunately I need the PIN because it’s the CATI job code.