Some queue members only ring once

I have a queue with dymanic agents and the “rrmemory” strategy and for some reason, the first agent will ring for 15 secs, as set for the queue, and the second agent will only ring for 3-5 secs. The third will ring for 15 secs and the fourth for again 3-5 secs and so on. From the console I always get:
– Nobody picked up in 15000 ms
at the “end” of each agents even the ones who rang only for 3-5 secs.



I just saw that the “Ringtime Default:” in the “General Settings” section was 15 secs which was the same as the “Agent Timeout:” of the queue. I increased the “Ringtime Default:” to 17 secs and let the “Agent Timeout:” of the queue to 15 secs and now my problem is solved.

Hope it might help