Some PJSIP clarity please!

I have been reading about PJSIP being the next thing for asterisk (and therefore freepbx), but I have found it very hard to discover any real clear, definitive, information about it.

  • It clearly has control and management benefits, but Is it more or less demanding on the host machine?
  • Is it the way of the future starting now, or will chan_sip and ch_pjsip co-exist for a long time?
  • Does it exist for raspbx (freepbx on a raspberry ip)? I can’t seem to find a module for it.
  • Is there a simple, follow these steps, guide to migrating a freepbx set up from SIP to PJSIP? IF so, where?


Build pjsip for PI using Asterisk 12 Ubuntu instructions in the wiki

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Thank you.

The first link you provide does provide a lot of information about the features of pjsip, and I have no doubt that it is much better in many regards than sip, and clarifies my second question: it is the way of the future now, so I conclude that the answer to my first questions is that whether or not it is more load placing on the host architecture I need to consider moving to it sooner rather than later.

I am, however, a little confused by the second link. It tells me how to build asterisk and freepbx from scratch. However, my question was different: is there a simple process for switching to pjsip on raspbx? Everything I’ve seen so far seems to assume either that you want to build from scratch (why would I when there are great freepbx distros available?) or you are using just asterisk.


You said . . .

Does it exist for raspbx (freepbx on a raspberry ip)? I can’t seem to find a module for it. . .

If it doesn’t exist then you will have to build it, that link includes the way to build all the prerequisites for pjsip, Ubuntu is much the same as the OS you have on your PI.

I would reinstall freepbx without replacing the database to make sure your FreePBX knows to setup chan_pjsip

As to overhead, then use sysstat and/or top to watch either chan_sip or chan_pjsip usage.

OK, thanks, I think I get where you are going. In essence you are saying that pjsip is there for those who want to develop and work at a system level, but not beyond that yet. Whilst I can do that, it’s not going to be good for me to do that on this project … I will wait until pjsip is a bit more mature and a more standard module of freepbx.


You miss the point, FreePBX includes pjsip support if you have it on your box, If the underlying “distribution” has the pjsip prerequisites it will be there and usable, many “distros” do including the Sangoma/FreePBX and PIAF ones but you can’t use those on your chosen CPU architecture, if RasPBX does NOT include such prerequisites it won’t be usable. You should take your requests to RasPBX support.


On consideration, perhaps you are right and you should wait, PJSIP needs Asterisk 13 and FreePBX 12/Asterisk 13 is still considered “not quite ready for prime time” , RasPBX offers 11 or 13 also.

Sorry for being a slow on the uptake, I did not mean to imply that pjsip was deficient, merely that it hadn’t become ‘obviously available’ in some cases, and hence my confusion. As you suggest, I will pursue this at the raspbx level. Thanks for your time,