Some phones 'unreachable'

Just as I finally got everything working well, we moved offices. I know have two phones in the new space that consistently show ‘unreachable’ from sip show peers. If I reboot the phone they show up for a period of time and then drop off again. I’m using EPM to create the configurations and all of the phone use the same base file for the particular model.

All of the other phones even the others of the same model all show up as reachable and can receive incoming calls.

I had this same issue and the problem was a firewall issue, but that affected >all< of the phones, not just two.

Has anyone ever seen this issue before or maybe have some suggestions of how to get these two phones to keep their pbx connection active?

Thanks in advance.

I forgot to mention that the PBX is located offsite at a colocation facility.

Set qualify to no in the extension page for those two phones.

You are confused if you think two devices can have the same IP address and work.

Did you switch routers? My guess is your are out of translations in your router for NAT and the router translation table is getting trashed.

It’s just another reason why not to put an office full of phones on a single IP address across the public Internet.

Set up a VPN and you will never have an issue.

I reset everything overnight. The phones disconnected from the POE switch, it was power cycled, the PBX was rebooted and then the phones reconnected to the switch. Same issue occurred this morning but to different phones.

One of the ‘unreachable’ phones this morning was my office mate. Several minutes after making the change you suggested his phone was able to receive calls. Watching the traffic, it seems to have started immediately after his phone got a time update from our NTP server, but this was 2-3 minutes after making the change. Then a few minutes later he was once again unable to receive incoming calls. I was going to ask if I should set all the phones to qualify = no, but that seems to solve the issue only momentarily.

We’ve also had an issue this morning with calls meant for one extension going to another. We’ve seen that before but had guessed that it had something to do with lack of DHCP IP space and phones getting the same address. That issue was resolved a couple weeks ago when we moved all of the phones to a separate network.

We had everything working prior to this weekend when we physically moved offices. Only thing that changed at the new office is less initial bandwidth until our fibre is installed and a different public IP address. I’m really confused.

If I led you to believe that two devices sharing an IP address worked then I’m sorry, because they didn’t. No hardware changed, only location. We use VPNs for most traffic between our corp office here and our servers (PBX being one of them) at our colo facility, along with manufacturing sites in california and mexico. We also have 25 branch offices around the country but not all are connected via VPN.

We use a Sonicwall 2400 at each location that has never shown anything over 10% full tables. But thanks for the suggestion.

Going back through all update and change documentation, I found what appears to be the reason for the problem, but I have no clue as to why.

Two weeks ago we made some priority changes to the codecs that the PBX was using. Seems in the frustration of trying to get them reordered we clicked on an unused codec that wasn’t installed, enabling it.

I dont understand why that changes the pbx qualifying the phones, but it seems to. Nor do I understand why if this change was made two weeks ago (before we moved) why it wasn’t an issue until after we moved. (The codecs were re-prioritized as we only have a 10mb link until our fibre connection can be made at the new office).

After turning off the non-installed codec everyone’s phone started working normally. Don’t understand it, but it seems to have resolved the issue.

Thanks for the help and suggestions.

the default lan->wan rule needs to have the session timer changed otherwise it closes the session and of course neither the phone nor the pbx know about it. when the phone registers again the session opens for 30 seconds.