Some phone systems can't hear me


I have an interesting issue happening with a very small number of locations That i call. The issue is that If I call them or they call me, they can not hear me. Like I said this is only happening to a very few locations. Is they a setting I should look at that may need changed for a more compatible hand shake when Going from Voip to Voip.

I’m currently on a Spectrum SIP trunk

Have you ensured that you have allowed a full enough set of codecs (that would include ulaw/alaw)

What would be your suggested list of Codecs to use? Had only ulaw selected

That would depend on your VSP.

As elsewhere suggested , I would install sngrep, you will be able to see all the SIP conversations and also any SDP streams created and failures would be easier to diagnose

Who is the carrier on failing calls? If you’re not sure, see .

If an incoming call from a problematic location is answered by Asterisk (IVR prompt, queue announcement, voicemail greeting, etc.), is that audio also not heard by the caller?

In the incoming INVITE for a failing call, which codecs are offered? Does Asterisk reply with the first one? If so and it sends audio to the correct IP address and port with proper packetization and properly formatted voice is indeed present, IMO there is nothing more to do at your end and Spectrum should look at the problem.

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