Some people have to dial the area code when calling into our system

I have noticed a few people that have called into our Asterisk/FreePBX system telling me that they needed to dial 1+area code+number for the call to go through. These people are all in the same area code as us. Any reason why this would be happening?

FreePBX 2.7
SIP trunk though the “FreePBX store”

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciates


if you are saying these are ‘random’ people connected phone service that has nothing to do with your PBX, then this has nothing to do with the PBX.

There are lots of places in the US that share the same areacode but are considered ‘long distance’ by some phone companies depending on where the exchanges are located. Even if you have a plan from the phone company that allows unlimited calling within an area or even unlimited nationwide long distance, most of the standard phone companies I’ve seen are still ‘lame’ and will still require you to dial 11 digits numbers, even where they support 10 digit dialing within the ‘local’ area.

I personally find it very annoying but they just can’t get with the times… (probably because their switches need to enforce local vs. long distance since the actual cost to the subscriber does not get determined until the bills are calculated and they determine that you have a plan which counts all those ‘long distance’ calls as free in your plan.