Some newbie questions. Please help with advice 8)

I need to receive calls from virtual mobile number from a sip operator than transfer it to my asterisk server #1 than asterisk server #2 than softphone.

As for now i could configure my Asterisk+Freepbx to recieve calls and to send them to my softphone. But i need to configure 1 more server between my asterisk and softphone. I have little experience in Asterisk but after few days of reading about it i got next solution -

On my server # 1 i have 2 trunks. 1 is for connection with sip operator and 2 is to connect with another asterisk. Connection between 2 servers is made through IAX trunk by making an extension on both servers and put their user and secret into trunk configuration with next settings -
Peer details
host= ip of server #2
username= extension on server #2
secret= password
User details
username=extension of server #1

On the server # 2 i have 1 trunk with connection to server # 1. Settings are the same but with another user and password.

I also make inbound calls on server 1 to the destination - IAX trunk which connects both of my servers.(Should i use extension instead of trunk??)

As this scheme is not working i need some help. Please tell me what wrong am i doing and if it is possible the simpliest way to make everything ok at least in general words.

Sorry for my bad english and have a nice day.