Some Modules not working as expected after upgrading


Could someone help me with an issue that can’t seem to figure out. Today I upgraded the System Admin module to with success. And attempted to install Endpoint Manager but got stuff on the status screen “Please wait whole module actions are completed.” I waited for a while and nothing happened so I X it out. After all this everything seems to be normal but I discovered that on my FreePBX System status module under the FreePBX Connections is no longer updating. I.E. if I unplug a phone from the network the phone count stays the same. I tried rebooting and shutting down the PBX but no luck.

Another issue I discovered under my SIPSTATION module my Primary Trunk - Asterrisk Reg. is in Request Sent mode. So the Primary Trunk is no longer working.

Both of these issues occur after the update and Endpoint Manager install. Has anyone ran across this issue or something similar? Any advice is greatly appreciated.