Some modules are vulnerable to HTML injections

Hi Guys,

Any one can help to mitigate this security issues we found?

We performed security testing on FreePBX 15.0.23 and found out that the following modules are not filtering the inputs and allowing HTML tags/ XSS script to load. See below proof:

  • Allow List
  • Black List
  • Contact Manager
  • Calendar
  • Calendar Events Groups
  • Call Flow Toggle Control
  • File Store
  • UCP Contacts

Here are the HTML tags that I’ve input in every forms:

Also, script tags or other html tags could lead to broke the forms/ redirect you to other website.

Be careful not to run them on your production server. You have to delete the entry on the backend or database before it gets back to work.

AFAIK, you need to be authenticated in other to be able to do that. So no biggie.

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One would also assume all web traffic is firewalled anyway so nobody should be able to access from anywhere other than trusted IPs.

Thanks for the report. Please open a ticket for engineering to review this properly.

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