Some inbound callers receive "number not in service" message

Hello all,

Some inbound callers are getting a “number not in service” message. This only seems to happen to certain people/numbers. It works fine for most other callers.

Outbound works 100%

FreeBPX ver. 13.0

SipStation trunk, 1 DID number

I would post log files but there is no evidence of an incoming call (or anything else) when this occurs.

I assume this means the call never even made it to my PBX.

Any ideas?

Since there’s nothing in the logs, there are two possibilities. The first is that there’s a problem with your call getting routed to SipStation. The second is a firewall blocking the source machine from connecting to your PBX.

Check with SipStation first and see what they have on the call. They should be able to tell you what the actual error was on the call. That will help narrow down the problem universe.

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