Some features to discuss for new people

Being new in those I have some issues I would like to find out.
Thank’s in advance for all your help.

Those are the main issues to manage for:

  1. How can I transfer a line in a internal number.
  2. How can I put on hold somebody and then take it back.
  3. How I can raise the telephone of a neightboure office that rings and how can I transfer my line to ring in an onother phone - temporary - until I cancel it. And how can I cancel it!
  4. In a telephone group how should I make it ring (from Trixbox side) first in my phone and if I do not answer (in 5 timew or something like that) or if I it is busy and after to rang in the group.
  5. How can I make a conference call?
  6. Can I make automatic recall of internal number if it is busy? And if yes how you achieve?
  7. Do I have the possibility of putting pending the interlocutor in order to answer the second line that ring on my ear, and afterwards of restoring the line from the waiting?

the link to the left
documentation is a good place to start

Which one of the link!

Please be more specific.

The one on the left called “Documentation” start at the top and work down.

You have multiple questions that have answers in multiple locations.

FYI: google is your friend. and the search box on the left hand side when you enter key words like transfer, forwarding, call pickup, etc will get you a ton of information.

My friend I am new on Trixbox not on internet searching.

I have done that already and I am just asking about those that doesn’t seem to work.

Thank’s for your help anyway!

ok quick history here.

So that you understand FreePBX is a tool for configuring asterisk, not a complete package. That’s what the distros like trixbox, PBX-in-a-flash, Elastix are. So documenting how asterisk functions work like transfer (which can be phone dependent, some have tranfer buttons others don’t), etc are not directly under the FreePBX realm but more directly under those distros and asterisk.

Now that doesn’t mean there is nothing posted; but if and when somebody writes something that can be used it get’s posted for all to see.

Also realize that trixbox has decided to fork FreePBX two months ago and once that happened they started to customize it for their own purposes. Once they did that they become responsible for it, at least until they contribute the changes back so that they can get integrated and documented.

You will probably find some of these items of interest: