Some big news coming Monday from FreePBX

On Monday we will be making a big announcement that users who have been involved in FreePBX years ago will be surprise and shocked on and pleasantly pleased I think.

And if anyone can guess the news before Monday I will ship them a OBi110 device as a fun contest. This contest would be for the first person to post the correct news before we announce it.

You purchased the TrixBox brand and finally are going to put it out to pasture. ;-p

Hmmm thats a interesting idea.

You’ve hired either Andrew of Kerry.

Bill - You are just full of laughs.

I don’t think I am allowed to play. But how about we do this it is a person.

Guess we dont know, but got to wrack my brain about the early days…


Drum Roll. Here is the announcement.

You were close Bill.

Updated my system this morning, and after the update, my outbound calling is not working. I get the system message your call can not be completed as dialed. There were like 23 updates that were installed, including the google voice/motif, which i use. Confirmed internal dialing works, MOH streaming works, so there is internet connectivity to my box. Outside to inside calls work, call from cell phone and get my ivr. Checked outbound routes and looked at the dialing rules, nothing appears to have been changed. anyone certified or official i can give access to this box.

kuehne -

First off, you posted (hijacked) a thread announcing a new hire for a support issue. That is not the way to ask for help, and a sure way to alienate yourself.

Second - Nobody official will ask to log on to your system from the forums. If you need assistance and can’t afford to wait for community help, the paid support option will get you in touch with a professional from Schmooze that can assist you.