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Okay so i have a phone i am needing setup for a user to call in with a feature code to enable a out of office message when the have a snow day we currently have time condition setup for business hours and holidays but they want the option to be able to do this manually is this doable i have already tried butting in the ivr using the feature code to enable and disable the after hours time condition but it dose not override the current business hours time condition

I’m halfway descent with freepbx but i cannot make this work and don’t really know what I’m looking for to make this work

Set up a call flow in front of the other time condition or call flow you have. When not active, the calls will flow to holiday or out-of-hours handling or to your incoming destination. During the storm day, the new call flow will preempt the call and forward to your announcement. Then set up DISA so someone outside can dial in, enter a password and dial the feature code for that new call flow (usually *28X)

I would also put a BLF key on a phone in the office so when people return, it is easy to see the special storm day announcement is active and they can just push the button to turn it off (or push it to turn the announcement on if they are leaving early due to the storm.)

You can toggle Time Condition feature codes by adding them as a destination anywhere in the GUI that will accept a destination. Select Feature Code Admin, and all the *27X TC feature codes are there to select from:

i have already tried to setup a new time condition and setup the feature code when i call the line and enable the new condition i get a message saying time activated but i never hear the out of office message. i never actually changes anything?

maybe i have something else that is causing this to not work i have my inbound number pointing to my current business hours time condition could that cause the issue of it actually not changing?

You may want to take a look at Call Flow toggles. The result would be similar but I think it’s easier to set up. it works as a switch, when the switch is on the call will go to your TC as it normally does, when it’s off, it will go to some other destination. Play the announcement and hang up or whatever you need.

Check out Confluence Mobile - Documentation

What Spioli says. If you create a new call flow which points to your weather closure announcement when activated, you set the inactivated destination to your other time condition or call flow that currently exists. Then you point your inbound number to the new call flow.

Did you change the inbound route to point first to your new condition instead of the existing condition?

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