[SOLVED] Zaptel Faxing no longer working

I have a real live Digium 400P card with 1 FXS and 3 FXO ports. I used to be able to send a fax to my POTS line (connected to the FXS port) and have it delivered to the fax machine on one of the FXO ports.

This does not work anymore. I have set up faxing to Zaptel and the destination to the extension of the fax machine, but no soap.

This all worked before 2.7… Did I screw something up in the update?

Problem solved. I thought I had selected “always generate fax detection dialplan” on the fax configuration page, but apparently I hadn’t. It is all working now except for the port my fax machine was on isn’t working (bad cable, I’m guessing… I’ll fix that later)