[Solved] VOIP.ms Outgoing calls reset after 30 seconds

I already solved my issue but I’m creating a topic in case other users have the same problem.

Using VOIP.ms as my provider, when I called cell phones (didn’t notice the problem on land lines), if the cellphone rang for more than 30 seconds, the call would reset and the cellphone would start ringing again, showing a missed call. It could take as long as 2 minutes (or 4 call resets) before my call would reach the voicemail.

The problem was fixed by Brendon at VOIP.ms support. There was a timeout on a route I was using. This timeout caused an outgoing ringing call to restart after 30 seconds. If you have the same issue, you have to contact VOIP.ms support (chat is the best).

They are lots of topics on calls getting disconnected after 30 seconds, but in my case, it was a very specific issue with VOIP.ms

I hope it can help anyone who has the same issue.


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