SOLVED: V14 upgrade...UCP Side Bar widgets missing

I did a search for ‘UCP widgets’ (thinking that’d be general enough) and did not find an answer.

I upgraded from Raspbx/FreePBX v13 to v14. There was a problem upgrading UCP due to ICU dependencies. I got that figured out and (post upgrade) I upgraded UCP to v14. Everything went OK during the upgrade.

But now I have no side bar widgets. I do have Call History and Call Events dashboard widgets, but noting under side bar widgets. Can someone shed some light here? It seems like there should be a number of widgets available when reading the docs.

No one else has encountered this? Can anyone suggest (even guess) where I should look to figure out why no widgets are available?

They are all there if you have the ability to add normal widgets then you just need to go add the side bar widgets. I think you should try taking the UCP tour again it will show you what to do.

Thank you for the reply!!

Taking the tour is how I found this problem actually. During the tour, everything looked fine until it got to Side bar widgets. I could not proceed because there were no side bar widgets to choose. This is all I see:


When you say they are “all there”, where? Where should I be looking to verify this?

Thanks again!!!

I have side bar widgets in that view. Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb. Not everything has a side bar widget, you probably dont have anything installed that would have a side bar.

Aha! Thank you! I had not installed any of these additional feature modules yet, but I got the impression something was supposed to be listed during the tour since there was no qualifier. I added the Follow Me module and I got a side bar widget. Thank you a 100 times!

I am about to go live with this server and hadn’t added any modules yet. I was concerned something didn’t go right during the upgrade.

I thought about this after you replied that the default UCP should probably have a sidebar and widget that does something. What that would be I dont know but it would make the tour work for those with a minimal install.

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