[solved] Using voicemail: Comedian mail (inital welcome setup message)

I was wondering if you might help with the following …

**When using feature code *98

After creating a few new extensions, and then using *98 to confirm they work: one of the new extension’s plays a different message then the others.

“Welcome to Comedian mail … first I will guide you through a short setup process”

Can someone remind me why this message plays for some but not most extensions (even some newly created extensions), and what could have caused this?

Other extensions, after announcing “Comedian mail”
Allow you enter the extension / password without any other prompting.

Thanks for any tips.

ComedianMail is a legacy subsystem, when a box is created, it does not create the directory structure under /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/{context}/ until it is used for the first time as such there are no default message files or greetings, what you see is a prompt to so create them.

You must have set the voicemail’s password same as the extension #. That will prompt you to set it up for the first time.

Quite true, if you set the password otherwise, it should be so honored and that query will not be presented and the password you chose so respected onward, if you set it the same or not set it all then . . .

Yes. This is the case.
The password is the same as the extension.

I’ll get that changed, so it is not the same anymore.

Thank you for helping me understand.

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