[SOLVED]Updating Asterisk from to 1.8


I want to update my asterisk from the current version to 1.8. ( I actually wanted to update it to version 10 but i think updating from version to version is more secure, am I wrong in thinking that ?)
I’m currently using FreePBX and I would also like to update it.
My real question is, what is the version of FreePBX that I should update so that the version will work with Asterisk 1.8?
Also, could you guys, please, tell me what are the risks of updating to version 1.8?
I searched a bit the internet but I didn’t find anything concise about my situation.

Thank you all in advance.

For reference, the current supported versions of Asteirsk and FreePBX are both at 13. Your system was current 8+years ago. I don’t think there is any point in trying to upgrade it, your best bet is to migrate completely to a whole new system so you have something that is supportable.

So in this case I would have to manually re-insert all extensions and reconfigure the NAT address?
I’m currently using Asterisk extensions with ATAs linksys devices so that I can have a direct connection to them, will this affect this connection?

Thank you for your quick response and tip!

Carlos, don’t underestimate the capability to dump your current extension information to a CSV file and bulk import it. It might save you some time.

Also, take screen shots of all of your trunk and route screens so you can duplicate them in the new interface. Many things are similar and few things have changed enough that you shouldn’t be able to handle this upgrade is relatively short order.

Good Luck.

Thank you for your responses.
I’ll try to install a fresh version of freepbx and asterisk on another system and see if I can reconfigure my extensions and make it work from there!