[SOLVED] Unspecified sip users

A week ago, I changed an extension for one person’s name to new person’s name, after I saved it I saw an Unspecified sip connection in the Asterisk Info page and one sip user offline, when I looked at the extension number it looked strange all of our extensions are 3 digit, like 137 or 101, this one was 90209, the extension I modified was 209, I figured something happened but no big deal, only one right, today I created a new extension and now I have 26 of these 90xxx extensions showing offline. I see them in the file sip_additional.conf, and sure I can delete them, but I would like to know why?

One of the modules in the system creates these - UCP Maybe?

I agree UCP is creating them, just don’t understand why it is showing up as a sip extension?

That was all I had - I don’t use UCP.

I’m sure one of the UCP Experts will pop up in a sec and tell you what box is clicked that shouldn’t be.

:slight_smile: hoping so, thanks!

When you enable webrtc or Zulu for a user, FreePBX creates a new sip device for each with a prefix of 99 or 90.

ok that is making sense but should they show up as offline? seems counter intuitive?

is there anyway to get them out of the “offline” status?

ok for some reason this morning when I come in, ALL of them are gone? I restart my PBX every morning, so I don’t understand why they are gone this morning but just wanted to give you a heads up?

did you disable webrtc in the UCP settings? That will make them all go away.

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no, and they are back today, :frowning:

They will always show up if you told usermanager to create webrtc or Zulu as both UCP and Zulu create additional devices tied to the primary extension as additional devices. Asterisk will show them as they are SiP devices. We can’t control asterisk to hide them as they are devices.

They show offline as you don’t have Zulu or webrtc connected. If your not using webrtc or Zulu for users then disable it in the users.

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Thanks Tony for the info, and yes I do have Zulu for these users and others, and some of them are offline right now, but they never show online? even when they login to their machines and zulu gets connected, they still show offline. I guess that is my question now.

Just in case someone else runs into this, I finally found why mine were showing offline, in UCP, then under Zulu Tab, my users did not have one of the options clicked, after I clicked Inherit, and reloaded Freepbx, the offlines went away…

ok, I guess I was a little quick on the solved part… so when I clicked inherit on the zulu tab, that turned zulu off for my users… :frowning: so this morning all of them have a red “x” on there systray icon for zulu. when I turn zulu on for each user in zulu (top tab) in the above picture, the bottom zulu tab goes back to unselected… so now I’m caught in a mess! Please advise!

That image above is only for showing the download links in UCP. I think you are confused.

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Yes, definitely confused… but at least the unspecified sip users are still gone… I have no idea what I did to rid them though…

ok can you tell me how to get the offline’s to go away? I don’t mind the 90Ext numbers showing up, but I can’t handle them showing up offline.

Sorry you are asking for the impossible.

really? they are supposed to show as offline?