[SOLVED] Two outbound routes

My “users” use DISA (named DISA1) to make international calls and trunk named EURO1. I’ve set up another DISA (name DISA2) and second trunk called EURO2 today but having some problems routing calls. I want to make sure that calls from DISA1 go to EURO1 and calls from DISA2 go to EURO2. How should I route these calls? I got one route called EURO with trunk sequence 0: EURO1.

Thanks for all your help.

I created Custom Context called “from-DISA1” and allowed to use only EURO1 outbound route. In DISA1 settings I changed context from “from-internal” to “from-DISA1”. I repeated same steps for DISA2 and EURO2, and everything works.