[SOLVED] Transfer a call after forwarded to cell phone

I have my cell phone number included in the ring group. I answer the call on my cell. The caller wants to speak with John at the office. I want to be able to transfer the call from my cell back to Johns ext 101. The feature codes say to use ## to do this. Nothing happens when I press ##. Any ideas?

That in-call feature is possibly over-riden by your tT setttings on the dial command , that is done for security reasons by default

It depends on how you transfer the call to the cell phone. If you are a soft-phone extension off the main PBX, you should be able to use “##” (maybe). If, on the other hand, you forward it to the cell’s number(NXX-NXX-XXXX#), you are no longer connected to the PBX, so you’re going to be out of luck.

Thanks Dicko - Would I go into the ext settings and then go to ASterisk Dial command and experiment there?

Also, Dave Burgess - I am not sure I agreee with you 100%. Even after the call is transferred it is still holding a channel in the PBX because it still is recording the call. It does not leave the PBX. ON that premise I was trying to figure how to get it to hear DTMF tones ie: ## in calling features, to allow a transfer.

Just set/unset them in Advanced, both for in and out dialing, as to DTMF enable that in your logs

SOLVED: I had to do it at TRUNK level. I went into my outbound trunk, changed dialing to t, and that now allows me to enter ## during a call and then transfer to any number. Goal Achieved. Thanks dicko, you pointed me in the right direction.

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