[SOLVED] Time conditions on inbound DID

need help to implement the following logic

                           DID1 -->HOLIDAYS_1-->if hollyday Anoncement1, else --> worktime--> if not Anoncement1, else EXTENSION_1
inbound call --->          DID2 -->HOLIDAYS_1-->if hollyday Anoncement2, else --> worktime--> if not Anoncement2, else EXTENSION_2
                           DID3 -->HOLIDAYS_1-->if hollyday Anoncement3, else --> worktime--> if not Anoncement3, else EXTENSION_3
                           DID4 -->HOLIDAYS_2-->if hollyday Anoncement4, else --> worktime--> if not Anoncement4, else EXTENSION_4
DID1 => 
    IF TimeCondition (HOLIDAYS_1) THEN 
        Play HolidayAnnouncement1
        IF TimeCondition (CLOSED1) Then
            Play Announcement1
            Dial Extension

DID2 =>
IF TimeCondition (HOLIDAY2) …

Same as above for the rest of DID2, DID3, and DID4

Once you get into the setup, you might find some economies that you can use to make the logic simpler, but honestly, the easiest way to do it is to simply set up the first one, get it working the way you want, and then set up the other three the same way.

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