Solved - Speed dial a remote DISA extension

Hello FreePBX mates,

I have to call an extension on a remote site with its internal extension: 1234 (for example)
The remote site have its DISA that i can access with a common french public number: 0XXXXXXXXX
(There is no trunk between the sites because the other site doesn’t have a ToIP solution)

Then when if want to call 1234 on a remote site I have to dial their internal extension and then my server have to send their public number 0XXXXXXXXX + (quick pause) + 1234. Is it possible to do that with FreePBX ?

Thanks in advance,

Something like this might work. Set up a Miscellaneous/Custom destination and hit the context.

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OMG this is exactly what i’ve been looking for and it works perfectly, thank you :wink:

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