[SOLVED] sip_additional.conf and callerid=device <extension>


I’m a bit confused as to how FreePBX “should” generate sip_additional.conf.

The “devices” MySQL table contains a “description” filed for each extension.
The add_sip function in admin/function.php which I quickly overviewed seems to try to fetch “description” and if it can’t then writes “device” to the conf file.

So basically my question is:

Why is FreePBX generating "callerid=device " in sip_additional intead of "callerid=description " ?

Is this behavior expected? If so then I´m having trouble with the caller ID name.
In particular, I created a “misc app” extension which destination is a custom context (custom_app1,s,1). This custom context gets and uses the CALLERID(all) variable which in my case reveals “device <100>” instead of “me <100>”.

However, calling from one sip extension to another does show the right callerid(name).

So is there a simple way for me to get the “real” caller id name within my custom context?



call Macro(user-callerid) as your first thing in your context.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http//freepbx.org - IRC #freepbx

Thank you.

Hello, I have the same problem, but I’m an Asterisk rookie, what do you mean with: “call Macro(user-callerid) as your first thing in your context.”



Same here – I tried adding Macro(user-callerid) as the first step in my internal context and it made no difference – CLID still showing up as "device ". hmm!