[SOLVED]Route password appears by default


I am having a rather strange problem with my web gui…

When I open a form to add a new outbound route, the form is automatically filled with ‘admin’ as the CID and the admin password as the Route Password. And if I open an existing outbound route for editing then again these two fields are automatically filled in. When I was creating the outbound routes I am pretty sure these fields were blank and my current routing tables are not set to ask for a password nor they have a CID set up as I set the CIDs on individual trunks.

Of course, I can delete the values appearing in these fields before I submit the form but I find this rather strange particularly because it never used to be there.

Any ideas on what is going on here??


Apologies for not checking the forum archives before posting…the same issue has already been raised and resolved here Forced route password

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