[solved] RING more before IVR - incoming calls

Hi SangomaOS Staff:

We are using SangomaOS (recent enough release).
Built from .ISO

The PBX has many inbound routes (all coming in from the same SIP feed) — (ITSP)

For some of the inbound routes, the 1st stop is an IVR
We have Signal RINGING set to YES (inbound routes) (advanced)

To make this work better, can you offer some tips to solve:

What is a way to “simulate” 3-4 or maybe 5 “RINGS” on each incoming call before the IVR greeting plays?

Right now, the calling party “might hear” 1 ring (signal ringing) before the IVR greeting plays, but without using signal RINGING, the calling party only hears “dead air” before the IVR greeting starts.

old work-around
In the past, we used a RING group with (non-valid extensions) and turned on Send Progress to (YES), and then a final destination of the IVR (so we had some simulated ringing happening).

Thank you for any tips.

There is an inbound route option to pause before answer.

Thank you, Lorne.
This was the fix!

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