SOLVED-Ring Group - Confirm Calls doesnt work for custom extension


I’m trying to accomplish the following:

I want to forward an inbound DAHDI call to an external number (via DAHDI) with ability to dial an extension with Confirm Call feature. So someone calls 123456, I then forward the call to 654321, extension 233, when the person at 233 gets the call should hear the “Confirm Call” message.

To do this, I created a custom extension (ext 303):

This device uses custom technology.
dial DAHDI/g0/654321wwwww233

However, I want the person (ext 233) to press 1 to answer the phone.

So I created a ring group, and added extension 303. The person on the other end never gets prompted to press 1. I also tried to enable Follow Me for extension 303 but same thing.

The Confirm Calls feature works just fine for SIP extensions.

Can someone help me with this please?


UPDATE: I tried to add a SIP extension and used DAHDI/g0/654321wwwww233 under “Dial” but that didn’t work either.

If I remember correctly, Confirm Call only works for an external number. While you are calling an external number, because you have configured it as an extension, Asterisk treats it as an internal call (ext 303).


Thanks. What is the best way for me to do this?

Thanks Bill… I did a search on enabling Call Confirm for internal SIP extension and I came across this:

So all I had to do was to add # to the extension in Ring Group.