SOLVED: Recordings / Montioring - Outbound only?

I’m using FreePBX 2.0.1 and it seems that ARI is only tracking outgoing calls. When looking at the ARI it is only showing me the calls I’ve placed and not the ones I’ve recieved. Is there a setting I missed somewhere?



ps. Thank you for the forums.

Edit: This issue solved when I updated FreePBX to 1867.

Looks like some of my reponses were not going through. See below.


What version of ARI are you using. I believe
the latest svn copy addresses your concern and will display all calls
incoming, out going, and using different caller id’s for the
extension. If not, please detail an example with screenshots and
database entries.


I would read the settings file at


username: admin
default password: ari_password

I appericate the information, and the latest SVN does indeed solve the problem.


login to ARI as admin and see if the calls are showing up. If so - it is then nature of how ARI is doing it’s select into the CDR database to determine what was yours and thus presenting it in your portal. I have hacked this in ARI for one customer but I recall that Dan posted to another forum that he had done a similar fix in the ARI trunk. I have not revisited it since then.

If it is not showing up when you are admin in ARI, then it isn’t there - or something else isn’t working as expected.


I guess I was unaware that there exists a “Admin” login for ARI. I thought it was all voicemail extensions and pins.

I can’t recall now, I think it is admin, or you make a certain extension as admin - I just know that this is how I discovered that it was seeing the recordings which led me to put the modification in the select statement so that an extension could see all their stuff. In my case, I was checking the device information - using extensions mode of amp/freepbx where they were only looking at source and destination which can have CID from trunks on it, etc. My fix wouldn’t always work if you were in devices/users mode - unless all the users had the same extension as the device.


OK … maybe my topic was a bit misleading. Forget the recordings for a moment. What my problem with ARI is if I receive a call from a trunk (ZAP, SIP, IAX…) that call does not appear in the details for my extension. When I place a call those details so up just fine, also if I receive a call from another extention those details show up too. I understand what ARI is and what’s it’s purpose is. My point is that there seems to be - in my case - missing functionality verses previous installations (amp 2.5-2.7) that I’ve used.

I’m perfectly willing to except the “It works for me” line, as I understand that FreePBX is under heavy development and what is broken today may well be fixed by tomorrow. I just wanted to mention it in case there was a legitiment problem.


I beleave ARI made it that way.

ARI is only a User Portal to listen to recordings. It does not do any of the actual recording.

This is what you are probably looking for


You will need to add “w” to the dial options in AMP and do the
extensions.conf hack listed here.

It was mentioned in the Sourceforge @Home forum that a outbound call
variable probably could be added to FreePBX to take care of this.