(Solved) Problems with backup restore module


I’ve read the article High Availability Backup and Restore but I’m running in to some problems.
(article: http://www.freepbx.org/news/2010-05-30/high-availability-backup-and-restore )

I have my primary server backup to FTP, this works fine.
On my secondary server I made a schedule named: restore-from-primary
Filled in the following settings:
Remote SSH Hostname: IP address primary server
Remote SSH User: root
Remote SSH Key: /var/lib/asterisk/.ssh/id_rsa
Restore to this server: checked

When I click run backup now, nothing happens. The secondary server does not have any extensions or settings copied from the primary? I don’t know what is wrong or where I can check any log files?

I am using the Freepbx distro

just found the log file in /var/log secure.

Error message I get is: Failed password for asterisk from [IPsecondary] port 51934 ssh2

Is something changed in the distro? Other users or something? I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

You dont have your shared keys setup correct.

I followed the manual to the letter and got the same output as described there…

I will try to redo that part the manual.

Not so easy I noticed… Got an error message saying user asterisk does not have permission…

Maybe someone can help me out with an other small question since it is not stated very clear in the manual.

Do I have to perform these parts on the primary or secondary server?

sudo -u asterisk ssh-keygen
hit [enter]
hit [enter]
hit [enter]
Then copy the public key to the primary server:
sudo -u asterisk ssh-copy-id -i /var/lib/asterisk/.ssh/id_rsa.pub [email protected]<primary server ip or hostname>

These threads might help make sense of things for you.

Thank you very much, I was able to solve my issue using this topic:

Only issue I now have is that my sip_general_additional.conf is overwritten meaning my secondary server gets the outside IP address from the primary and that is not what i want. Is there a way to prevent this?