[Solved] Problem with new module development (Apply Configuration Changes bar)

Hi everybody,
I’m developing a module for freepbx and I have done almost all, but I wasn’t able to show the “Apply Configuration Changes” bar after subbmitting the form. I’ve added the “needreload()” function to my “page.module.php” but the bar is shown in all other parts of freepbx but not in my module!

Could anyone help me?


Thanks very much for your help, I solved the problem adding the parameter DB_FETCHMODE_ASSOC to the call $db->getAll!!

Thanks Vincenzo

that’s all you have to do for framework to put it up.

so unless you are doing something on your page that is somehow messing with the DOM it should be there.

Do a test by making sure it is gone for starters, then have your page set it, then go to another page to make sure it is set, then go back to your page to see if you can see it. If you don’t see it, you are somehow messing with the page. I would expect the page to hide it then regardless of whether you set it or another page set it once your page is displayed.

Hi p_lindheimer,
thanks for your reply, I’ve checked all my code and I found that “$db->setFetchMode(DB_FETCHMODE_ASSOC);” cause the problem.

Is there any possibility to use associative array with $db->getAll($sql); ?


sure, have a look through the code, you can set the associative flag on that call, plenty of places do.