SOLVED: PJSIP endpoints (determining phone model and firmware)

We have converted a FPBX box from chan_SIP over to PJSIP (for the endpoints) … and now is there a way from the Asterisk CLI (to figure out) what type of phone the PJSIP endpoint is (Yealink, Polycom, Fanvil, etc)?

In the past: we could have used the command: sip show peer (and) we could see not only the model of phone, but its firmware: very easy to do. This was very helpful at times.

How to do this now under PJSIP?
Any tips for using the AstriDB and searching for this information?

Thanks for your thoughts.

(see better reply just below)

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asterisk -x "database show registrar/contact" | grep extension

where extension is the extension number. There is a “user_agent” value that provides this information.

Keep in mind that PJSIP allows multiple contacts, so you may get multiple results.

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Thank you, Andrew

This was the solution.
This was very helpful.

Thank you.

I use this command which also tells me firmware and such:
asterisk -rx “database show registrar” | cut -d, -f7,12

"endpoint":"101","user_agent":"Grandstream GXP2170"
"endpoint":"102","user_agent":"Grandstream GXP2170"
"endpoint":"201","user_agent":"Yealink SIP-T48S"
"endpoint":"802","user_agent":"Grandstream GDS3710"
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Thanks for the syntax.
Used it already, and it worked for exactly what we needed.
Got it documented for future use.

Take care!

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