(Solved) Peer/Trunk setting change for new Provider Proxy servers

We use Les.net as our provider and they recently sent me an email saying they are spinning up 4 new proxy servers. I have 2 trunks with them. It looks like only one is using the old proxy servers. My dumb question is where do I go to make these changes without experiencing issue while doing so.

Les.net instructions are to occurrences of did.voip.les.net , did2.voip.les.net and wpg.voip.les.net but since I’m not a phone admin and didn’t set this phone system up I have no idea where these settings/occurrences are or how many different spots there are to change. Under edit trunk I see the below setting for outgoing so I’m assuming I change it there but where else would I need to look. What can expect this to do as far as downtime?


Any tips, best practices etc. are greatly appreciated.

Under the main menu, look for “Connectivity” -> “Trunks”. You can add new trunks with the pertinent information or you can modify your existing trunks to meet LES.Net’s requirements.

Thank you, I’m there and have a new trunk configured but have not hit apply. My last question was what can I expect when I hit apply? Any downtime ? Thanks again.

Nope - it’s just another trunk.

You will need to pair your inbound and outbound routes to it, but stepwise refinement is a good way to go from here. Small adjustments make for smaller repairs if something goes badly.

Ok that makes sense. So as far as inbound, outbound routes pairing is that the “Trunk Sequence for Matched routes” setting under connectivity\outbound routes ?

Since you can’t just say “Yes” (not enough characters) Yes.

Inbound is already “paired”, in that if a call come in on that trunk it will be routed through your inbound routes until it find a match for the Inbound Caller ID or the number that was dialed. When setting this up to begin, a good practice is to set up an “any/any” route with no DID or Caller ID settings to catch all “unknown” in-dialed PSTN calls from your provider.

Thank you. This helped a ton, I’ve created a new trunk and successfully registered it with Les.net. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll change the routing to use this trunk and if there are no issues I’ll mark this solved. Thank you for always being willing to help.

Thanks again Dave, worked just how you described. Was done in a couple minute. Thanks again.