Solved partway: A cascade with Follow Me fuction --> FMFM

Hi Folks,

im running an Ansterisk NOW on a Proxmox VM (HP ProLiant DL380 G5 machine) with the current distro and all Modules up to date (10/2015). Its a great system, however I’ve run into a problem, I cant find a solution for. Or well I tried to tranfer the “#” roule from ring groups to follow me but it wont accept a # behind a internal extension in follow me.

The facts: Im the bos, so im either flying my desk with my big bos yealink t48g phone or im someweher in the company or at home with a yealing w52p dect phone in my pocket, or im with a customer having my cell with me.

I dont want to have all phones ringing and ringing and a missed call on every device, i am going ape about this missed call stuff.

So what i want is this: I have multiple phones, and i want them ring one by one, the last my cell.

I was new to asterisk and didnt get anything woking properly so i first tried ring group, then i got lots of missed calles in the iSymphony and on my phones and cell and my people complaning about my phone ringing the hole day long especialy the one at home, making my wife climbing the walls.

And no, im not the one to constantly turn on and off the follow me, mostly because i have to switch it, while there is no pc at hand.

Then i tried follow me w/o confirm call, and endet having my customers and employies dispached to “the subscriber is currently not available” since i have no network coverage in my building or while in meetings (i have my cell voice mail off, since i dont want to manage 20 mailboxes and even more missed calls).

So i used with confirm call, and ended up having the customer haning up on me due to the fact it took me to long to fetch my DECT or cell out from under my jacket put the speakerphone (noisy enviroment) on and unlock, answer and confirm the call. And i do not want to make an anouncement that the call is transfered, as all my calling partys have to endure this texte before the transfere is done. if i calculate this in manpower of my own emploees only i could possible hire a secretary.

now i thought i could have my desk extension work a follow me for my DECT, then have the DECT extension have a followme with confirmation for my cell where there could be a text telling the caller hes going to be transfered to my cell, since this is not the rule. but i cant put a # behind the follome extension in the list to have the first follow me be forced to follow the next extensions follow me…

did you got what im trying to tell`?

sorry for my bad endlish. im no native speaker.

hope someone gots a good brainstorm about this issue. or am i a lonly guy with this problem. i cant seem to imagine this, since im for sure not the only one with several phone locations.

Cheers Manne

well i found a solution, now i’m testing.

in the first follow me, i have set the destination if no answer to the next extension.

so 125 rings follow me tryies after 5 seconds with all v2 prim 125 & 126 for 20 sec.

then it hands over to ext. 126, this rings again 5 sec, and then followme with all prim for 126, 125 & cell kicks in. palying an anouncemetn to the caller to be patient.

after an other 20 sec. the call is transfered to the mailbox of the ext. 125

ill try it and report back.

well, it did not work as expected :frowning:

now i have 3 ext. 125 126 and 127, where 125 has a follow me to 125&126 and vice versa for 126.

the destination if no answer is ext. 127, that just has a follow me with 0sec inital ring time so it goes stright to my cell, but with an anouncement and music. also its a memory hunt with 45 seconds and the receptions ext. as second entry.

so everybody calling knows, he has to wait till the connection is made.

if i dont pick it up and the reception does not too, it goes to my mailbox.

now i like the config.

thanks for making me line out my ideas, so I did find a suitable solution.

but the ring group “#” pound roule would be nice to have in the follow me too.

cheers Manne

I think it does do in FMFM too -> Follow-Me List ?

the # behind external numbers: yes, works and is nessesery.

the # behind inernal ext.: no

if i put the # behind an internal ext. freepbx will remove it while grabbing the input.

i tryed with quotes, dobble pound, nothing works.

i was a little confused by this, since in the ring groups it especially says that # forces the ring group to follow the FM for the listed ext.

And i somewhere recall, that RG and FM is the same, as FM was made due to users using RG as FM at the beginning.

So is this a bug or a desired behavior? I would name it a bug. Im just not sure, if this is my system only or other systems too.

Cheers Manne

Your AsteriskNOW is what version ? And which version of FreePBX? Even (then scroll down to Follow Me) has similar help text.

Asterisk (Ver. 11.19.0)
PBX Firmware:6.12.65-30
PBX Service Pack:

anyway, i know of thos wikis, i seached the web for days with the follow me, finaly i ended here, since my freepbx does not seem to behave like it should (from my point of interpreting the wiki text sections)

then maybe un-mark this topic as solved … maybe someone takes a look.

did unmark it, but you’ve been the only guy here around.

well i found a work around, but the FMFM, it’s still inop.

now i have the incoming call go to my ext., with follow me activ for this ext., initial ring time is 3sec so i just could grab it before everything else starts to ring, then with ringallv2-prim i have all my local ext. ringing for 20 sec. after that it goes by “destination if no answer” to an other ext… This one does not exist in real world but via follow me routes right away to my cell. before routing the caller is informed that he is transferred to my cell and it could take some time. while i being called on my cell. if i dont answer this as well the call goes by “destination if no answer” goes back to my first ext. voice mail.

this is a good and practical solution for me. but still the cascade of Follo Me (a FMFM) does not work as with the ring groups.

i just wonder if i should create a bug report, but then, its not listed in the wiki to function…:frowning:

edit uhoh, bad spelling, try to fix the biggest.

looks like the acceptable answer is usually ‘whatever works’ :wink:

But then more seriously:

I guess,if you tried configuring it as you wish it to work, then capturing & publishing logs of it not working, would work better with devs - either they would tell you to file a bug or explain why you really don’t want it to work that way, only you don’t know it yet :wink: (You don’t really have to do that on a running production system either)

now, why didn’t i come up with this idea.

I’ll do a few logs at late night while no customers call and report back.