Solved: Paging Group calls being put on hold

We have users that call a Paging Group and in the middle of the active page, manage to put the page on hold.

Is there a way to make Asterisk ignore that Re-INVITE for an active Paging Group call?

It’s FreePBX Distro V 13.0.48 and Asterisk 13.5.0.

Thank you,

I solved this by creating a background script that continuously reads the Asterisk full log file (/var/log/asterisk/full). When it finds the specific paging extension has been put on hold, it sends Asterisk a “channel request hangup”.

John, did you ever submit a ticket on this? I don’t know if what you’re seeing is expected behavior, but a ticket will get one of the pros to look at it.

Hi Dave. I was initially suspicious that I couldn’t find any other posts with this problem so I didn’t. Now that the workaround’s taken some pressure off, I see what you mean. I just opened this:

It will certainly reveal whether I was overlooking something simple.

Thank you.