[SOLVED] No such label 'Array' in extension 'recordcheck' in context 'sub-record-check'

Hey, after the migration from Distro 6 to SNG 7 (clean install and manual migration of configs), I get the Warning messages for “Catch All” scenario.

The “catch all” inbound route is set to terminate the call with busy tone, but the execution stops in sub-record-check context with a warning that there is no label called “Array”.

Full log is here: https://pastebin.freepbx.org/view/091eb6cf

Could you please tell me, how to handle the inbound calls to unspecified DID correctly in SNG7?

Thank you in advance.

What is the “Call Recording” setting on the Other tab of the Inbound Route?

Hey, Lorne. Thank you for a quick response. None of the options was selected. I have just set ‘Dont Care’ option and the route is terminated correctly with busy.

Thank you very much.

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