SOLVED: newbie: struggling with inbound calls

I have two phone numbers with sipgate, A and B, I have two working extensions in freepbx 12, (1001 and 1002). I want incoming calls from A to go to 1001, and incoming calls from B to go to 1002, however the inbound routes only seems to allow for one incoming route. I left the DID and CID blank when making the inbound route for A, and when I tried to create another inbound route for B it wouldn’t allow the same DID and CID as the previous one. How does one do this?

Make the DID for one inbound route the number of Sipgate A, the other route specify the DID for Sipgate B. You dont have to specify the CID unless you know the CID of who’s calling your and wish to direct the call based on CID AND DID.

Here’s a good place to start learning:

thanks for your response and I solved it in the end. Using the DID in the inbound route as you say didn’t work I’d already tried that, what did work is putting the sipgate username in the DID box. Now I’ve got numbers A and B ringing the correct extensions.