(Solved) MP114 2fxo/2fxs

Anyone got a sample setup on this unit to work. I have spent days to no avail. Just need the typical settings on the MP114.

Added Sep 3
I guess due to the lack of response, everyone was stumped as I was or very few use AudioCodes products with FreePBX. I have now stored the configurations for both the AudioCodes and Asterisk FreePbx in our company safe, NetApp and OffSite storage. I spent a lot of hours R&D and a spare System getting this to work.

The only problem that I did find with these units, is they do not pass on callerID from COX derived analog lines from their digital cable very well. Looking in the AudioCodes logs, it is not even detected no matter what changes to the settings are made. AudioCodes will only delay up to three rings but it looks like the callerID is sent on the fourth ring. When set to 3 rings you get callerID 1 in 20 calls. When we switched analog carriers and got a “true” analog line, the system worked 100% of the time and set to 1 ring which is standard.