[SOLVED] Module Admin Causes Web Server to Crash when there is no Internet Access

Currently, I am running Asterisk + FreePBX 2.10 on one of my servers. Both Ast and FreePBX are built from source on a CentOS 6.2 Minimal box.

The issue I’m facing is, from what I can assess, caused when Internet Access has been restricted to the PBX server. Normally, if I was aware that my server had no internet access, I would not have bothered to attempt the following. However, as the system I’m building is for my employer, I rely on the Network Engineering team a great deal, and they often times do not inform me of whatever shenanigans they have done.

The crash occurs when I click on the “Check Online” button within Module Admin. At the moment I click on this, the web server begins to hang, then subsequently times out, before altogether crashing. Luckily, this is remedied with a quick “service httpd restart”, but was quite troubling when I was unaware of exactly what had happened.

My question to the Developers and the Community is: Have you faced this with FreePBX 2.10, and if so, how did you combat it? FreePBX 2.9 appears to behave well enough, seizing up for a moment, only to return with a nice text that reports its failure. Is there a particular reason why 2.10 is misbehaving in this way?

After much headache with my network engineering team, the servers were given the appropriate permissions to see beyond our network (On restricted terms, of course), but were suddenly unable to connect to FreePBX Mirrors to do module downloads.

A bit of research revealed that HTTPD.conf had the answer, in the form of “HostnameLookups Off” where you need to switch “Off” to “On”. Once done, simply issue a “service httpd restart” and good to go.

Hope this helps those who need it.