[SOLVED] Loss of inbound GV calls connectivity after period of time

I have freepbx configured with several gv accounts. Of those, 1 seems to lose ability to receive calls after a period of time. Making an outbound call refreshes things and it works again until it doesn’t.

Nothing shows up in the logs when an inbound call is attempted and not received.

Motif module for that gv account indicates “connected” status, but somehow I think that’s invalid/incorret.

I’m not sure where else to look for further troubleshooting. All gv accounts are configured similarly as far as settings on gv go, trunk settings, etc.


Turns out xmpp has a debug mode that can be enabled through CLI.

[root@freepbx ~]# asterisk -r
Connected to Asterisk 14.7.0 currently running on freepbx (pid = 2027)
freepbx*CLI> xmpp set debug on

This revealed a periodic ping (every 50 seconds) on the affected account even when the issue is present. Tried resetting passwords, deleting and readding the motif account, logging out of any/all gmail accounts and a bunch of other things with same results.

After much head scratching I realized I also have a simonics account associated. Looking carefully at the motif config page I noticed priority set at 127.

Somehow stumbled onto this page - https://simonics.com/2012/11/gv-gateway-registration-open-new-features/

XMPP priority 127: Previously, all GVGW accounts were set at standard priority 20, which allowed other Google Talk/Chat programs to “override” the login and intercept incoming calls. (For example, if you opened GMail chat on the same account as your Google Voice number registered on the GVGW, incoming calls would ring on GMail chat and not on the gateway.) Having received a lot of feedback on this, I’ve set the default priority to 127 (highest) for all new registrations. With that, all Google Voice calls should hit the gateway, even if you open other Google Talk clients on the same account.

Then the light bulb went off! Obviously both freepbx and simonics gateway can’t be at the same priority level. This explains why inbound to freepbx worked after an outbound call but failed after some time. Simonics gateway was doing it’s own refresh and now had control.

I removed permission in google’s connected apps/services for simonics gateway then left it alone for 8 hours. Without doing any outbound calls, called my gv # from another line. Call rang on the pbx successfully.