SOLVED: IVR Not Recognising Digits

Preface: After typing most of this up, I’ve found the issue. I’m going to post this anyway in the event that it helps someone else in the future or if someone is having the same issue.

On Friday, one of my FreePBX deployments stopped working as it did previously with IVRs.

I have an option to press 1 for the Directory. Further down the IVR, I have several options that begin with the number 1. 10 is Accounting, for example. Whenever an option beginning with 1 is selected, it just sends them to the directory as if only 1 had been pressed.

This morning, a second deployment in a different location started doing the same thing.

Both deployment info:
Asterisk Version: 13.22.0
FreePBX Version:
IVR Version:

I ended up finding the setting when editing the IVR: Force Strict Dial Timeout was set to No. Setting it to No - Legacy fixed the issue. I don’t know if this appeared after a recent update to the IVR module for me. The default says it should be No - Legacy and had operated in the past as if No - Legacy.

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It did show up after the last update.

The upgrade fails to update the existing IVR properly.

This was reported back in March/April. It was ignored.

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