[Solved] IVR intermittently not responding to key presses

Hi! First post here.

I have a fresh installation of the FreePBX 12 distro. I have one SIP trunk with two DIDs. Both inbound routes are directed to the same IVR.

Intermittently, calling our main DID, the IVR announcement plays but pressing 1,2,3 etc or keying an extension number is ignored. Immediately disconnecting the call and redialling, the IVR may or may not respond.

It seems that if I dial the backup DID, the IVR responds correctly, although that might be coincidence, as the main DID may respond on redialling.

I have searched and seen some posts that relate to DTMF not being recognised but the answers revolve around PRI interfaces.

Could anyone help a relative newbie to the underpinnings of FreePBX help me to diagnose this issue? If there is any other information needed, I’d be happy to provide what I can! I have used FreePBX as an admin before now but not got “under the hood”.

Many thanks,

Dave Bragg

Thanks to all who looked at this and put their brains on the problem. It seems to have been a routing problem somewhere in the SIP trunk provision. I eventually got through to a support guy who didn’t read off a script and he chased it upstream. Within an hour, we lost all service on the troublesome numbers and then everything started working. Some rebooting, I think.

Thanks again,

Dave Bragg

Sorry I’m late. These types of problems are almost always provider/routing related, as you found.

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