Solved. Is it possible to rebuild the extensions? All my extensions stopped working after update

I had a pile of module updates on my system and did them all. However some of the extensions are acting up now. If you place ext->ext call they work fine. But if someone dials their ext. from in coming trunk the caller will hear it ring a few times and then dead air. The person’s extension will not ring at all. The person at that extension can place outgoing calls. Further, if I set up an inbound route directly to that person’s extension it does ring when someone calls that DID. All the extensions seem to be screwed up.

I’m having this issue on all of the extensions in the company today so I need to solve this fast. I did a full reboot of the system already but that didn’t help. Yum update, Mondale update, system update, all show I’m up to date.

If someone calls my extension, they get a message that the call is being transferred to the operator (and it does). Not a single extension is going where that extension is supposed to go.

FreeBPX Asterisk 13.27.1

Edit your IVR and set strict dial time out to No - legacy

If you still have trouble, post another log.

That appears to have fixed it. The first few calls after the change would ring the extension but we couldn’t hear the caller (they could hear us). However after several minutes it seems to be working. It’s after hours now so it will be tomorrow before it gets a real test.

Thank you VERY MUCH for your help.

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