[Solved] In Coming Calls Dropping With GrandStream HT813


I recently deployed my first FreePBX Machine here are the specs of my deployment:

Intel NUC 11

Alma Linux 9

FreePBX 16 w/ Astrisx 18 running in a VM and network bridged to LAN

Unifi and Cisco Switching

Unifi UDM Pro

GrandStream HT813 (Using FXO port to interface with Comcast Business Line via a CBR-T eMTA modem)

YeaLink T31P phones


When a call comes in from the outside world, a user picks up, the call is answered and works normally. However after 31-36 seconds the outside caller hears the line disconnect. While the extension on the FreePBX side sees that call has ended. Below Ill post the Astrix log, which seems to indicate that the GrandStream thinks the call is not answered somehow and sends the call to “Missed”. I don’t understand why this would be happening. So advice is appreciated.

Asterisk Log File:

Call Log File:

Im happy to provide screen shots of my FreePBX config, or the config on the GrandStream, I just need to know what I need to take pictures of.

Thanks EastCoastSunrise

You need to update your IP settings in the Settings -> Asterisk SIP settings section. Both the external and local sub-nets need to be listed.

Thank you for the speedy reply! I added the local subnets of the all of the devices, and with my quick test call it seemed to be working so far.

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