[SOLVED] How would I properly add my cell phone number as an extension on my PBX?

Maybe I worded my question wrong but my goal is to be able to forward calls to my cell phone via extension.

My cell does not have to be a part of the pbx system itself. I just want to be able to push transfer then dial 1234 and boom the call is transferred to my phone.


I was able to dig up the answer.

I created a ring group 601
and for the extension list i put 555XXX1234#

So now all I have to do is hit transfer dial 601 and boom the call is transferred to my cell phone.

even simpler, create a misc destination named Cellphone and number (your cell number)
Then create misc application that calls that misc destination.
You can then use in IVR and all other places :smile:

I have this so i just dial 3 and it goes to inlaws … or 8 goes to my mobile (programmed into ivr as non advertised option)