SOLVED: How To: Remove 'Transcription (First 15 Seconds)' from VM email body

I use FreePBX 13.0 but I don’t have STT enabled. How can I remove the ‘Transcription (First 15 Seconds)’ line from the VM message email body? Thanks.

If you are seeing such a thing, it’s because you added it. FreePBX does not provide this config by default. Are you not able to just revert the changes? Are you running the FreePBX Distro?

Don’t know where I could have added this - it’s always been there since we install the distro - hosted on Cyberlynk. I checked the Voicemail Admin / Email Config - the only text in the body is:

You have received a new voicemail

Length:	${VM_DUR} seconds
Date:	${VM_DATE}

There must be something custom on your PBX.

Can you show us an email how it looks?

I’m guessing that you have a custom mailcmd param set. Browse to Settings, Voicemail Admin, Email Config tab, Mail Command. Default value is blank.


You should review what that file does, so it does not cause an unintended side effect if you blank the value.

Yes, I commented out the lines that were failing to return STT text from Google, as well as the unwanted text in the email body - fixed!

Thanks to all.


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