[SOLVED] How does one turn off the speaker when on hook with a call on hold?

Arch = x86_64
OS = CentOS-6.4 (freepbx)
Asterisk = 11.4.0
FreePBX =

Additional modules
CEPM installed
SysAdminPro installed
Extension Routing installed

When I place a call to a Snom870 on hold I get a dial tone as configured with cw_dialtone = on. However, after placing a call on hold, when I place the handset back on-hook then the speaker immediately comes on and the dial tone is emitted. I want the dial tone when someone is on hold whether the phone is off or on hook but I do not want the speaker to activate unless I press the speaker button.

Does anyone know what setting is used to control the speaker behaviour in this instance? I cannot seem to find anything the relates to this situation.

A. Press the handset’s menu button. Sigh…