[solved] High asterisk cpu usage, system idle

I have a running FPBX X , on a cloud server. I has been running for a couple of years at least, no issue.
I am getting high CPU usage warnings, confirmed by htop, /usr/sbin/asterisk -f -U asterisk -G asterisk -vvvg -c can go up 100% - and call no longer go through - to be accurate, it takes several minutes for a call to be established.
System is responding perfectly on the cli, disk is ok, when I place a call from an extension to a trunk, the SIP dialog is established (ngrep show invite/401/invite/180 trying) but nothing appears on the asterisk console and nothing happens until a few minutes, and sometimes the call goes through.
The web server is perfectly responsive also. asterisk cli is also ok.

Any ideas on how to debug ?


For the record, just found out !
STUN & TURN were configured, and the server wasnt responding, holding up the calls !!

I removed the configuration and everything went back to normal

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