[SOLVED] Group Pickup Aastra 6755i


Trying to figure this out but not having much luck…

Customer of ours wishes to be able to pickup calls ringing from a Queue. The Queue has 4 dynamic agents, set to ringall with autofill (autofill probably useless with ringall strategy). The extensions that want to pickup the calls are NOT agents in any queue - just regular admin staff with normal phones. I have a soft key configured on their handsets for General Call Pickup but this isn’t working for them.

Is there a method for Queue Pickup, and if so - what is the standard way of going about this? Preferably, I don’t want to make any custom dial plan changes just for support reasons.


Edit: FPBX 2.11 with Ast 11.14

Edit 2: This has me thinking - we have another customer that’s doing exactly this.

Edit 3: Spun up this config in my lab and General Pickup works. My problem must be handset configuration. They’re using Aastra 6755i’s. I had the General Call Pickup code as *8# assigned as a Special Prefix Code, on a Soft Key using OSS EPM. I’ve changed the key type to Pickup, but left the code as *8#. If anyone has any experience with these handsets, I’d love to hear about it. Unfortunately, I do not have experience and the handsets are at a remote site so I am configuring blindly…

Changing the key type to “Pickup” resolved this issue.