[SOLVED] Frm_extensions_onsubmit is not defined

I want to add new internal, but I have this error on Chroome Console on Save:

frm_extensions_onsubmit is not definedImmagine

Exactly the same problem here:

FreePBX [config.php:4123:5]

Thankyou for using FreePBX [config.php:4124:5]
If you find bugs you may file a report at http:// issues. freepbx. org [config.php:4126:5]

For developer resources visit: http:// wiki. freepbx. org /x/BAAQ [config.php:4127:5]

Framework: [config.php:4129:5]

Module Name: core [config.php:4130:5]

Module Version: [config.php:4131:5]

ReferenceError: frm_extensions_onsubmit is not defined[Ulteriori informazioni] [config.php:1:1]

SOLVED. Update Core and Framework here:

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