[SOLVED] Freepbx modules are not updated

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This could be related to this post.

Can’t make online update with installed module “Informunty bitrix24”


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This module does not pose a problem. This was created by a third-party developer and serves to integrate with Bitrix24 CRM. I have been using this module for over a year on several FreePBX installations.

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Yes, I have DNS configured correctly. I showed the output of tcpdump - freepbx accesses the mirror freepbx org and gets the answers.
In addition, I have the same DNS for 2 other fresh installations (their same distribution) on which the modules are updated.

(Andrew Nagy) #10

The bitrix24 third party module is a CRM module that forcibly uninstalls the Sangomacrm module. It does not follow the normal way to uninstall modules or it would also uninstall dependencies. This caused support nightmares because zulu relies on Sangoma crm. When Sangoma crm was forcibly uninstalled but Zulu was still installed the freepbx gui crashed and so did zulu. We saw this many times in support.

It’s one thing to develop a third party module. There are many people doing that. It’s a whole other thing going around and forcibly uninstalling other modules without user consent. The developers should have checked to make sure systems would still be stable by doing that. Additionally as far as I am aware there is no reason to uninstall sangomacrm when bitrix24 is installed. If it really does conflict this module should say so during installation. However the developers thought differently and decided to forcibly uninstall another module without seeing how it would affect user systems. At one point there was an issue in Sangoma support about this daily. Imagine you installing a program on your computer and it forcibly uninstalls something else without your knowledge.

So while you don’t think it poses a problem it does pose a severe problem to the stability of freepbx. During installation the module can check for the existence of other modules and then return false in the installation code with a message informing the user that there is a conflict. Subverting the users intentions instead is a very bad precedence.

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A bold claim. One which conflicts with the module’s creators. They’ve spammed the issue tracker with a bunch of tickets (such as the one one linked above) with:

We found that on some systems … the module blocks online updates.

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Thank you very much for the link provided.
Indeed, there was a problem in the inform_unity module.
I installed the updated inform_unity module and the problem was resolved.

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I am glad it worked :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have reason to say this because I had more than a year of experience operating this module with several FreePBX installations. I can’t say that there were no problems at all, but the support works very well. They really solve the problems that arise quickly. Now it helped me update their module.
At the beginning of my practice with this module, it clashed with the CoS module. They decided it in 2 days.

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I completely agree with you. This is very bad if the module is removed without demand and disrupts the operation of other modules. If so, then this is a big flaw of the developers of the informunity_bitrix24 module. But their support is responsive. They need to write about it. I will do it.
The documentation for installing and configuring the module honestly says that this module is not compatible with the sangomacrm module.
Therefore, whenever I set informunity_bitrix24, I made sure that there was no sangomacrm in the system.
The fact is that in our CRM market (in Russia) bitrix24 takes a place, a similar place for windows on desktop computers. And the informunity_bitrix24 module is the best for integrating bitrix24 with freePBX. Developers rush to the market, and could not finish some things. But they are trying.

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It’s as simple as adding a notice saying it conflicts during install instead of just uninstalling Sangomacrm. Software that does something the user does not expect is usually called malicious. I’m sure they will fix it but I wouldn’t trust this module, who knows what else it is doing to your system without your knowledge.

Fool me once, shame on you;
Fool me twice, shame on me.

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I repeat once again that I fully share your point of view.

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In fairness, it should be noted that not “the module blocks online updates”, but the presence in the modules directory of a directory called informunity_bitrix24 is the reason for blocking online updates. They really handled this problem 3 times, but they were not answered about the reason for the ban.
Only after reading this thread, they guessed that the reason was in incorrect behavior in some cases of the old version of their module.

(InformUnity) #19

Hi all,

We are the developers of the module discussed here that connects Bitrix24 and FreePBX. On Bitrix24 side, the app has more than 8000 installations. By that, we popularize FreePBX and help users sort out their business tasks.

We’ve been developing this app for 2 years and since all that time we’ve been facing a lot of different issues including incompatibility with some other modules. For instance, we found a bug in timeconditions module and offered our pull request to fix the issue.

Our initial goal was to create the most convenient connector of Asterisk and Bitrix24 and based on the feedback from a number of our clients we think we managed to create one. We chose FreePBX as with it the user gets comfy interface for installation and configuration of the app. For that purpose, we learned how to develop on FreePBX and are improving our skills every day.

We do find that unacceptable to delete the data of other modules. However, in some early versions, our code deactivated sangomacrm in the installation process to avoid conflict reported by a number of users in Russia. We were guided by the following logic: users of Bitrix24 were not supposed to use another module like sangomacrm altogether at once as the two products are mutually exclusive in terms of functionality. Later on, we fixed this in July 2019 release, earlier than we knew that the informunity_bitrix24 module was blocked.

Since we have launched our product we’ve been supporting the users in three languages: English, Spanish, and Russian. We are open to discussions and are always ready to fix critical issues asap. We rely on feedback from users and the vendor to be able to improve the module. At the same time, we haven’t realized the reasons for blocking until yesterday when we saw your answers in this topic.
We offer our apologies for creating several similar issues in bug tracker. We are new to the community and were just trying to get any feedback from the vendor.

A wise person is made, not born.

InformUnity team.

FreePBX issue
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By that, do you mean “populate FreePBX” as in with data. Because to claim that you have popularized FreePBX is rather bold and I would consider erroneous. Sure your app has 8000 installs but is that just FreePBX or across all the platforms you support? Either way, FreePBX has millions of installs. I don’t think this module or Bitrix24 is responsible for that popularity.

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Our connector supports only FreePBX. We have refused to work with other platforms in order to create an ultimate user-friendly solution.

These 8000 installations are for sure drop in the ocean compared with the FreePBX audience and many of the users have already had FreePBX at the moment of the app’s installation. By “we popularize FreePBX” we mean that a number of users leave other platforms for FreePBX in order to have a stable integration with Bitrix24. FreePBX is currently sharing the market with a range of virtual PBX and in some cases, users prefer FreePBX to other platforms with our help.

It is not up to us to judge how much we popularize the product, but we are loyal to the brand and aim to benefit it.

(Ted Mittelstaedt) #22

That is unfair. FreePBX may have “millions of installs” but how many active installs are out there? I chose FreePBX as a wrapper product to Asterisk among other reasons was that it does not (to my knowledge) appear to have a “call home to mama” function, meaning it is perfectly possible to install it get it working then block it off from the Internet. So FreePBX has no accurate method of counting active installs.
I’m so sick of people using “millions” in these kind of pronouncements. I make a living off of under 50 customers I don’t need millions. Gmail has “millions” of free users how many hundreds to thousands of those are photocopy machines and other scanners that use them as a convenient smartmailer and send nothing of any value through them even for email marketing purposes?
I am more impressed by the fact that FreePBX appears to be making a living doing what they are doing than by any “millions” of installs they have. The same goes for Informunity. Kudos to both of you for finding a niche and using it to feed your families I really wish we had a lot more software developers doing this that are built on the OSS model instead of greedy behemoths like Microsoft who never released a scrap of software that didn’t benefit only themselves in some manner. And knock off the “millions” talk you aren’t selling hamburgers.

(Tom Ray) #23

No, it wasn’t unfair at all. The claim was that this application from Bitrix24 has some how brought popularity to FreePBX. This would be like me developing a module and then boasting that I made FreePBX popular because I got 5000 installs of it. No I made the module because FreePBX is already popular and I’m going after those specific users.

Look, I didn’t trash talk the application. I didn’t trash talk the company or the posted who made the post. The only thing I questioned was the claim their CRM application made FreePBX popular. That is incorrect.

I was never referring to active installs. Again, this was about a claim of making FreePBX popular. Having a million plus downloads means people already knew who you were before this app.

You do understand that the Bitrix24 application isn’t OSS? While their FreePBX module is free to install and use it’s only useful if you have their CRM application. While there is a free tier for it offered it’s not OSS. They sell commercial software and offer a free module for FreePBX so you can use their commercial software.

They aren’t living or dying off 8000 installs of the FreePBX module.

(Eugene V Boontseff) #24

Bitrix24 is a commercial product. Informunity is not bitrix24, it is a separate company that has developed its own module for integrating bitrix24 and freepbx. And their module is also not free.
But this is a good product. And if we are not talking about millions of installations, but about the CRM systems market, that part of the market occupied by bitrix24, then we can say that Informunity is popularizing freepbx in this market. Because bitrix24 has its own cloud PBX. For example, the informunity module helped me leave freepbx & asterisk when my company decided to build its business using bitrix24.

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I wrote a telemarketer torture app that I released open source about 10 years ago. I have thousands of installs. I guess I made it popular too :wink:

By the way there are ways of doing analytics that validate total and active installs. You can assume there are plenty of air gapped systems and systems for example in South Africa where they update with thumb drives etc. These are obviously not included in any metric. That means there are many more systems that are unknown.

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